“The key to achieve a successful business is to assemble a formidable and reliable team.”

At Pack8, these lines are not just something we randomly read, this is something we truly believe in. We as a team endeavour to operate synchronically and fortify the best results. Each individual's contribution is one victory point added to the team. The brownie point of Pack8 is the degree of adherence which is manifested by different teams on board while working together on a project. A formidable team for Operations Management makes the whole process streamline and in sync. Each team works in compliance with the opposite teams and vice versa.

Praveen Shinde

Founder and CEO

An experience of over a decade in Customer Experience and Operations Management for Large Enterprises, and a will to bring a change, Praveen established Pack8 in 2016, with an aim of making packaging simpler than ever. Praveen went on to build a strong group of designers and managers to streamline the packaging process seamlessly.