Beauty, Wellness & Fashion E-commerce

The Client: One of India’s biggest e-commerce platforms for beauty, wellness and fashion products, with thousands of brands and hundreds of thousands of products on offer.

Before Pack8

They used to use polybags to courier e-commerce boxes, which increased the volumetric weight of each shipment and proportionally drove up logistics costs. Since Pack8 was an existing vendor of this client and had already developed different packaging solutions for their unique requirements, the client approached us to solve their problem.

Client Expectations

They wanted an eco-friendly alternative to polybags that would help them reduce logistics costs by 50%.

The Pack8 Information

Since there was a clear target to be achieved, the Pack8 team worked backwards over a fortnight to engineer a solution that would deliver the desired results.

The Solution

Our box-type paper bag hugged each e-commerce box perfectly, and was also more sustainable than polybags.


As promised, logistics costs were brought down by 50%, which represented a massive operational saving for the client.

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