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Shredded Paper by Pack8

Elevate your gift presentation with our premium shredded filling made from natural kraft paper. Designed ...
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Paper Courier Bags
by Pack8®

Promises safe and sound delivery of all products across multiple locations and in different transit ...
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Honeycomb Cushioning
Packing Paper

HexCush Eco-Friendly Bubble Wrap Paper replaces plastic bubble wrap to protect fragile products during transit. ...
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Fill8 - Ecofriendly Void Filler
by Pack8®

Fill8 fills the void inside the shipping box and prevents the rattling of the product ...
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Honeycomb Packaging Paper
Bubble Wrap

HexCush In Box Honeycomb Packaging Paper is an eco-friendly paper-based cushioning solution for wrapping multiple ...
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We also provide


Paper Bag

Raw Materials: Recycled/Virgin Kraft paper

Type: Lip to Lip / Flap, Gusset / No Gusset
Size: As per specification


Raw Materials: Chromo Paper, Thermal paper & pp

Type: DT/NT/
Chromo Labels

Size: As per specification

Mono Carton

Raw Materials: FBB, Duplex, WB, 

Type: RTI, STI,
Lock Bottom

Size: As per specification

Luxury Corrugated Box

Raw Materials: White Kraft

Liner,  Kraft Paper

Type: Top Bottom,

Size: As per specification.

Paper Tape

Raw Materials: Kraft Paper (60gsm / 80gsm)

Type: Hot melt / Solvent base

Width: 1”/2”/3”

Meters: 45/50/65/100 Meters



Pizza Type Corrugated Box

Raw Materials: Recycled Kraft Paper, Virgin Kraft Paper

Type: Pizza Type die cut

Printed: Yes/No

Size: As per specification


Kappa Board Box

Raw Materials: Kappa Board, Art Paper

Type: Top Bottom, Self-Lock, Gally

Printed: Yes/No

Size: As per specification


Corrugated Box

Raw Material: Recycled Kraft Paper, Virgin Kraft Paper

Size: As per specification

Ply: 3Ply, 5Ply

Printed: Yes/No

Type: Universal, Die, Pizza, Type etc



Packaging Simplified

We develop protective packaging products, keeping people and the planet in mind.

Packaging plays a major role in every product’s life cycle. So why not try to use a packaging product which provides a great look and is also eco-friendly! We have developed eco-friendly packaging alternatives for the plastic bubble wrap and plastic fillers. These paper cushioning wraps and fillers are easy to use and will help in promoting your brand value. Our paper bubble and paper based void filler is a perfect solution for micro and small businesses, for their eco-friendly packaging requirements.


Made of paper. Our products can be used again after processing


Every product has the ability to breakdown and decompose into natural elements


The packaging can be reused multiple times before being discarded by you


Our products give the nutrients back to the nature after breakdown

We Serve These Industries



The cosmetics industry is one of the fastest-growing industries, with a wide range of products being shipped and damaged every day. Our eco-friendly packaging solutions ensure that all products are safe and protected during transit.


Whatever the product, Pack8’s products will protect it during shipping. A sustainable alternative for a vast range of B2B and B2C products.


Most electronics are high-value products with multiple breakable parts and surfaces. Pack8's products keep them safe from every blow during transit, ensuring they reach intact.


pack8's protective packaging solutions add a beautiful personal touch to the art of gift-giving.

Home and Kitchen

Brittle and fragile glass and ceramic products require safe packaging. Pack8 has designed products to absorb any shock or impact that may occur during transportation

Home Decor

Product safety is essential to deliver perfectly carved furniture and all glittering/rustic antiques. Our products ensure that they arrive at their destination in one piece and are ready to use.

Industrial Manufacturing

Industry applications often consist of large or heavy-duty products. Pack8’s solutions protect the product from damage.

Personal Care

Personal care packaging calls for a personal touch. Our products can provide an elegant visual appeal while protecting the product from transit damage.

These brands chose us


Iffco Bazar
Tata Cliq

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