Industries are switching to sustainable
packaging solutions for a better future.

Pack8 provides fast consumables protective packaging and bespoke solution. Ensures safely and protective delivery of products like live plant, machine, jewellery and electronics. We cover wide range of protective packaging for all industries.




Paper Based Cushioning Solutions

Replace all types of non-recyclable, plastic-based packaging with 100% recyclable, paper-based alternatives for small-to-large products. Zero damage in transit, zero damage to the environment.

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Paper Based Void Filling Solutions

Don’t let the risks of rattling rattle you. Fill the void in your packages with our solutions, and let their shock-absorbing capacity protect both your products and your business.

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Paper Wrapping Solutions

Choose from our range of stretchable, tear-resistant solutions that can safeguard the smallest, most fragile of your products. Our solutions have got you covered, literally.

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Eco Friendly Transit Packaging Solutions

Each has a combination of strength and aesthetics that helps deliver your products to your customers in a secure manner, as well as enhances their unpacking experience.

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