HexCush In Box – Honeycomb Packaging Paper Bubble Wrap by Pack8®


Hexcush in Box is an eco-friendly paper cushioning solution which is used to wrap multiple products together or individually.

Product name: HexCush In Box by Pack8®,

Alternate local names: Honeycomb Paper Wrap, Honeycomb Bubble, Paper Bubble

Main Features: Easy to Use. Saves Packaging Time. Excellent Cushioning.

Material: Kraft Paper

Color: Brown

Application: Cosmetics, Kitchenware, Books, Skincare products, Medicines, Electronics, Gifts, etc.

Stretchability: Upto 50%

Material: kraft paper

Roll Width: 15″

Roll Length: 100m


  • Hexcush in Box is an eco-friendly paper cushioning solution which is used to wrap multiple products together or individually.
  • The honeycomb structure of Hexcush, also known as Honeycomb Bubble, is designed to provide ample cushioning.
  • The unique hexagonal mesh-like interlocking structure helps in replacing tape. It saves wastage of material and increases the efficiency of packaging.
  • Substitute to plastic bubble wrap, Hexcush in Box comes fitted in a dispenser which provides an easy-to-pull mechanism, resulting in great stretchability.

A compact and eco friendly protective packaging product, HexCush in Box by Pack8®, fitted in a box like dispenser and designed in a honeycomb structure, is an expandable, complete Eco-friendly alternative to plastic bubble wrap.

Hexcush In Box highly increases the productivity by decreasing the packaging time and helps in reducing the carbon foot print. HexCush in Box by Pack8® is Made as per International Standards and can be used for a wide range of applications.

The main objective of this paper bubble wrap is to protect fragile products during transit. The hexagonal paper wrap provides accelerated packaging and a superior unboxing experience.

Easy to Use

Easy to pull mechanism, which tears easily. No need of scissors and saves time.

Excellent Cushioning

The honeycomb mesh like structure provides a great stretch and cushioning.

100% Eco-friendly

Made from recyclable paper, Hexcush in Box is the perfect substitute for plastic bubble.

Versatile use

Hexcush in Box can be used for packing multiple products, be if gifts, home products, personal care, electronics, appliances, etc.


When people see a beautifully packaged product, it entices them to open it and creates an element of excitement. HexCush adds a beautiful personal touch to the art of gift-giving.

Home and Kitchen

Delicate products need strong packaging. Paper Bubble Wrap will provide a strong cushioning to your products, at the same time providing a great unboxing experience.

Industrial Manufacturing

Hexagonal shape and mesh like interlocking structure protects all type of industrial component from any kind of impact or damage.

Personal Care

Personal care packaging calls for a personal touch. HexCush In Box can provide an elegant visual appeal, while protecting the product from transit damage.


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