What is Paper Bubble Wrap? 4 Great Features and Applications

What is Paper Bubble Wrap?

What is Paper Bubble Wrap?

The Paper Bubble Wrap can secure expensive, exquisite, and brittle things like glass, pots, frames, etc. This innovative product can be used as fillers in empty boxes to reduce the risk of damage and ensure adequate protection during conductance and storing. This biodegradable paper has deep indentations that can also be used for extra protection by lining boxes or tight wrapping around the materials.

Features of Paper Bubble Wrap

  1. An Easy Way to Protect Items and Maintain an Environmental Connection

Plastic bubble wrap is bulky, hard to tear, and takes up more internal space in the box. However, this eco-friendly Paper Bubble Wrap has a honeycomb bubble structure that takes less space and is flexible enough for tearing, tight embracing, and cutting. This product is lightweight and offers diverse packaging solutions. It also offers high protection at a nominal cost.

Paper Bubble Wrap
  1. Robust and Viable in Structure

The congenital and innate structure of honeycomb gives a strong, integrated, and robust protection to subtle items. The beneficial quality of this honeycomb paper bubble for transit and storage provides:

  • A longer-lasting and durable feature.
  • Efficient and usable packaging solution.
  • Less risk of internal depreciation.
  1. Superior Quality of Cushioning with Enough Flexibility

For cushioning an item, you need a flexible and fragile packaging item that is easy to cut and shape. The traditional wrapping process needs expensive cutting machines to craft the material. In comparison, Paper Bubble Wrap does not need costly cutting boards as can be easily cut using a simple pair of knives or scissors.

  1. Excellent Moving, Shipping, and Storing at an Unbeatable Price

Honeycomb paper wrap will be the best fit for your transit, whether you are moving to a new house, shifting office to another location, or shipping any ordered product to your customer. It takes less space with its innovative wrapping technique and eco-friendly packaging at an unbeatable price.

If Sustainability and environmentalism aren’t at the forefront of your brand’s defining features, eco-conscious packaging can give you an edge over your competition. With a global demand for recyclable packaging and the growing eco-conscious consumer market. Specially some ecofriendly replacement for Bubblewrap, there is little surprise as to why paper-based packaging is growing in popularity over recent years. No one better to do so than with Hexcush in Box,

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Different Applications of Paper Bubble Wrap

  • e-Commerce Industry

E-Commerce industries can easily benefit from using sustainable packaging with Paper Bubble Wrap for their standard packaging process. The low cost and flexibility of Paper Bubble Wrap will offer economical value to such industries. In addition, the eco-friendly product is durable, offering protection of the products packaged for delivery.


  • Cosmetics Industry

Paper Bubble Wrap is ideal for packaging all potteries, glasses, frames, and other smooth surfaces due to its flexibility, softness, and quality paper cushioning. It protects these items from scars and scratches.

  • Industrial and Electrical Manufacturing

The hexagonal shape of the honeycomb structure and its mesh internal cuddling protect all varieties of industrial items from any impact and also protects electronics items from shocks.

  • Home & Kitchen

People are picky and fancy about home and kitchen accessories, so these products need strong paper packaging. On this note, Paper Bubble Wrap is the ultimate option to wrap such delicate products and makes unboxing exciting.

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